Maine Executive Committee Recognizes New Bowdoin Chapter

With Bowdoin Chapter recognized, Maine College Republicans has seven official chapters throughout the state

This month, the Maine CRs Executive Committee met to discuss the admission of Bowdoin College Republicans into the state federation. The Bowdoin CRs presented a letter, which established that their chapter is active, and showed the growth that the chapter has been able to undergo even during the pandemic.

Following the presentation of the letter, the Executive Committee voted unanimously—9-0—in favor of recognizing the Bowdoin CRs.

“We are thrilled to welcome Bowdoin into the state federation. It shows that our presence is rapidly growing across the state, seeing as we started off earlier this year with just three chapters,” Maine College Republicans Executive Director Caitlin McKenney said.

“Despite it still being summer, College Republicans are still working statewide to grow ahead of 2022,” Maine College Republicans Chairman Cody Porter declared. “It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Bowdoin Co-Chairs Oron Steingrub and George Grimbilas in ensuring that both the state and the chapter can expand our respective memberships.”

According to the letter co-authored by Steingrub and Grimbilas:

“The Bowdoin College Republicans meet as a club for weekly dinners. The dinners serve as a place for students who are an ideological minority at Bowdoin College to share thoughts and concerns on current events. George [Steingrub] and I are rising seniors, and we look forward to leading the club and expanding participation in our organized events.”

Bowdoin Chairman Oron Steingrub will be representing the chapter as their new principal member on the Executive Committee.


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